how to contribute images

images must pass a curatorial board review to become part of the accessCeramics collection.

more on the curatorial board

Submissions are juried by a curatorial board, which consists of Ted Vogel, Associate Professor of Art, Studio Head in Ceramics, Department of Art, at Lewis & Clark College, Namita Wiggers, Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon, Thomas Orr, Professor of Art and head of Ceramics at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Richard Burkett, Professor of Ceramics at San Diego State University, and Ayumi Horie, a studio potter and member of the board of directors of the Archie Bray Foundation.

selection criteria

Selection Criteria

    For Artists:
  • -Artists who work in the ceramic medium and whose work includes some ceramic-based elements. This includes utilitarian pottery, sculpture, vessels, installation and mixed media.
  • -Applications should be professional ceramic-based artists who have developed a strong studio practice and concise body/series of work that is conceptually strong, well crafted and technically skilled.
  • -An artist statement should be included as a separate document or available in the artist's website.
  • -Artists must not be currently enrolled on a degree program.
    For Images:
  • -Submitted images must have at the minimum a pixel size of 1024X768 or higher. Images must be a of a high quality showcasing the work in the best possible manner. The Curatorial Board may refuse to accept images lacking in overall quality of pixel size and/or presentation of the art work.
how to submit images for curatorial board review

1. obtain a Flickr account (sign up here).

2. on, click 'sign in to Flickr'. after you enter your Flickr username and password, you'll be redirected back to

3. click the 'suggest an artist' link in the upper right-hand corner, and complete the form.

- you must include a link to a website of images (if you don't have a website, upload your images to Flickr, and provide the link to your photostream). please make 15-20 images available to the curatorial board for review.

- if your website does not have a resume or cv, you must also provide a link (to post a resume or cv online, try

4. please expect about two weeks for the curatorial board to review your work. you will receive an email with the board's decision, and further instructions if approved.

if you have questions about this process, please email

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